Aspire’s Specialists provide researched listings and appraisals which are suitable for auction valuations, insurance and probate/estate valuations. In line with industry standards, Aspire’s valuation documents are complete with full illustrations, cataloguing, art historical and market research. Our team provides valuations for Modern and Contemporary art from Africa and international artists that can serve as the basis for consignment to auction, for taxation purposes or insurance calculations, and are invaluable in informing your collection management and estate planning decisions.


Every valuation is confidential and uniquely tailored to the needs of the collector and the specific collection, ranging from individual works of art to large, diverse collections.


Our industry knowledge, experience and expertise allows us to offer the highest level of service, insight and accuracy for private collections, museums, corporations and institutional clients.


Our team is available to produce valuation documents based on receipt of detailed information with corresponding images and to provide updated figures for collections previously valued by Aspire. We also provide valuations based on in-person inspections, house visits and the like.


Our service suite of valuations includes:

  • Valuations for Sale (by Auction or Private Treaty)
  • Valuations for Insurance
  • Valuations for Collection Management purposes
  • Valuations for Taxation purposes (Inheritance; Estate; Donation; Gift and Capital Gains Tax)
  • Valuations for Family Division purposes


If you wish to sell with Aspire, please access our free and easy-to-use online valuation platform.

You need only provide some information about the artwork and reasonable quality images and our Specialists team will review your submission and provide preliminary auction estimates for your works that are suitable for inclusion in one of our sales.

To request a free valuation of your art, complete the form in the link below.


Valuation Form


*Please note that we will get back to you with a response within the next two weeks.

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