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Aspire’s Private Sales is a continuous service for clients who wish to buy and sell art outside of our annual auction calendar. We conduct private sales year-round, offering a curated range of 20th and 21st century works from across our specialised categories of historic, modern and contemporary African art, alongside key modern and contemporary works from other markets. We provide personal and discreet buying and selling services, informed by our deep understanding of the global art market.

At Aspire we strive to remain ahead of the curve. Having been first to market with industry-leading technologies and new genres, eras and artists, our Private Sales continue this propensity with online viewing rooms that move away from the conventional physical exhibition. Artworks are presented in a safe and compelling digital environment which allows the viewer to experience these works in their own time, in the comfort of their own space and on any device.

You are welcome to request a bespoke acquisition proposal or that we source specific artworks.

Email to receive information and artworks available for private sale.

Contact our Specialists for an obligation-free, confidential discussion about your collection. Our extensive experience and expertise are available to assist you in shaping your collection – from sourcing specific artworks to finding suitable buyers – we always ensure the best results for you.

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