About Aspire Art Auctions

Aspire Art Auctions was founded in 2016, and quickly became a leading South African auction house. Highly regarded for its innovation and forward-looking approach, Aspire focuses on the best quality art produced on the African continent. It is THE destination for international collectors to buy and sell the most important modern and contemporary art from Africa.

With a selective approach to curating auctions, Aspire is a dynamic and progressive auction house, associated with the finest, critically-engaged art. Conceived as a cultural organisation, our passion for art and the cultural legacy of South Africa and the continent at large underpins our values and goals. We support inclusivity and accessibility for all.

Our innovative and intelligent approach to art and collecting ensures we present sales of the foremost art available in the secondary market, and our clientele rely on our superior knowledge and expertise. By concentrating on smaller auctions and offering fewer lots of higher quality, we ensure that astute collectors know that acquisitions from Aspire’s auctions provide better longevity and prospective returns.

We produce industry-leading catalogues, bespoke events and curated exhibitions, and our consulting services ensure the best insight and understanding when making a purchase or sale. In addition, we continue to be the only fine art auction house in South Africa to voluntarily pay royalties to living South African artists whose work sells on our auctions, as part of our ethical commitment to the art industry and the national cultural legacy. With offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town, we conduct two LIVE auctions per year in each venue, and additional ONLINE&LIVE Curated Gallery auctions at each venue.