Timed Online Auction | How to Register and Bid

29 Aug 2017

Follow these simple steps to register to bid:

  1. Once you are on the Timed Online auction page, click on REGISTER TO BID.
  2. Enter your name and email address in the fields provided and input the password you would like to use for your account. Click SAVE & CONTINUE.
  3. Enter your shipping address details: select your country from the dropdown menu, add your delivery address and phone number.
  4. Enter your credit or debit card info. This is used to verify your identity, no charges will be made and your information will not be shared. If you are the successful bidder, we will contact you to arrange payment.
  5. Tick that you have read and agreed to the Terms & Conditions.
  7. Once you have set up your account, you do not need to re-register for future Timed Online auctions. Simply select LOG IN and enter your email address and account password.
  8. You are now registered to bid.
  9. You can place individual bids, or set up a commission bid for the system to bid on your behalf up to your maximum amount, but only one increment above the previous bid.
  10. The Timed Online auction will close at 7pm on Monday 4 September. Lots close at intervals of 60 seconds starting at 7pm. Each lot shows the exact time left open for bidding.
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