Curated Auctions
Aspire produces four curated auctions per annum, two in Johannesburg and two in Cape Town. These are separated into the first tier – curated, live, physical auctions trading in the top-end market of historical, modern and contemporary art; and the second tier – online auctions run concurrently with an exhibition of the collection.

Private Sales
Aspire conducts private sales to accommodate sellers who would like to liquidate their works more quickly than the timely wait between auctions allows, or should they prefer not to have their works exposed on the public, secondary market. These are discreet sales which Aspire orchestrates and coordinates between a buyer and seller.

Collection Management and Curatorial Services
Aspire’s specialized team can assist corporations and private individuals in finding value in the art market and in maximizing the value in their collection. We can offer guidance in developing collection strategies, acquisitions, deaccessions, sales, marketing, curating, research and promotion to best realise the agenda and goals of a specific client.

Trusts and Estate Valuations/Appraisals
We offer services to beneficiaries, executors and fiduciaries for the valuation and disposition of assets. We produce valuations for the purposes of: insurance, probate, and deceased estates. We also provide valuations for private collections and for individuals wanting to sell their art.

Heritage, Taxation and Importation Advisory Services
Aspire can assist clients with logistics, exportation and importation of artworks.

Special Events
Aspire works closely with private clients and corporations to create special events and unique programmes that specifically cater to the individual or corporation’s clients.

Ancillary Services
Aspire assists private and corporate clients with the advice and execution of the following art related requirements:

  • art rentals
  • auctioneering
  • auction production services and strategy consultation
  • charity auctions
  • curating the display and executing the hanging of a collection and/or exhibition
  • framing
  • loan agreements
  • restoration and/or conservation of artworks
  • storage and packaging of artworks