Curated Auctions
Aspire produces four curated auctions per annum, two in Johannesburg and two in Cape Town. These are separated into the first tier – curated, live, physical auctions trading in the top-end market of historical, modern and contemporary art; and the second tier – online auctions run concurrently with an exhibition of the collection.

Private Sales
Aspire conducts private sales to accommodate sellers who would like to liquidate their works more quickly than the timely wait between auctions allows, or should they prefer not to have their works exposed on the public, secondary market. These are discreet sales which Aspire orchestrates and coordinates between a buyer and seller.

Collection Management and Curatorial Services
Aspire’s specialized team can assist corporations and private individuals in finding value in the art market and in maximizing the value in their collection. We can offer guidance in developing collection strategies, acquisitions, deaccessions, sales, marketing, curating, research and promotion to best realise the agenda and goals of a specific client.

Trusts and Estate Valuations/Appraisals
We offer services to beneficiaries, executors and fiduciaries for the valuation and disposition of assets. We produce valuations for the purposes of: insurance, probate, and deceased estates. We also provide valuations for private collections and for individuals wanting to sell their art.

Heritage, Taxation and Importation Advisory Services
Aspire can assist clients with logistics, exportation and importation of artworks.

Special Events
Aspire works closely with private clients and corporations to create special events and unique programmes that specifically cater to the individual or corporation’s clients.

Ancillary Services
Aspire assists private and corporate clients with the advice and execution of the following art related requirements:

  • art rentals
  • auctioneering
  • auction production services and strategy consultation
  • charity auctions
  • curating the display and executing the hanging of a collection and/or exhibition
  • framing
  • loan agreements
  • restoration and/or conservation of artworks
  • storage and packaging of artworks

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Aspire’s Valuations Department provides bespoke inventories and appraisals which are suitable for auction valuations, probate and estate purposes for executors, solicitors and other professional advisors. Aspire’s fully illustrated valuation documents are the industry standard. Our team provides valuations for Modern and Contemporary art from Africa and international artists that can serve as the basis for consignments, insurance and taxation and are indispensable for collection management and informed estate planning.


Every valuation is uniquely developed around the collector and the specific collection, ranging from single items to large, diverse collections.


Our industry knowledge, experience and expertise allows us to offer the highest level of service, insight and accuracy with the concomitant confidentiality for private collections, museums, corporations and fiduciaries.


Our team is available to produce valuation documents based on receipt of detailed information and high-resolution images and provide updated figures for collections previously provided by Aspire. We also provide valuations based on in-person inspections, house visits and the like.


Our service suite of valuations includes:

  • Valuations for Sale (by Auction or Private Treaty)
  • Valuations for Insurance
  • Valuations for Collection Management purposes
  • Valuations for Taxation purposes (Inheritance; Estate; Donation; Gift and Capital Gains Tax)
  • Valuations for Family Division purposes


If you wish to sell with Aspire, please access our free and easy-to-use online valuation platform. You need only provide some information about the artwork and reasonable quality images and our Specialists team will review your submission and provide preliminary auction estimates for your works that are suitable for inclusion in one of our sales. Click here to get started.




Aspire Art Auctions has partnered with Bidvest Bank to bring an exciting new finance product to the art market, targeted at art collectors and buyers looking for a credit plan to finance their art purchases.


The product will assist prospective art acquisitions, as follows:

  • Bidvest Bank will provide funding for a portion of the total value of the purchase price;
  • Applicants will need to submit a funding application through the relevant page on the Aspire website Bidvest Bank will conduct a credit check and accept or decline the application based on normal credit criteria and compliance with FICA requirements
  • Bidvest Bank will endeavour to maintain a 24-hour turn around for approvals
  • Repayment options and periods will vary from “Bridging Finance” of three months (a minimum period which will attract a higher interest rate), to “Term Loans” of up to 24 months (the maximum period which attracts a lower interest rate);
  • Depending on the terms of the agreement, the artwork will be retained by Aspire until the debt is settled




Aspire’s Art Consulting & Advisory team works with private, institutional and corporate collectors. Our team of advisors includes our most senior specialists to best advise clients on all their acquisitions and de-acquisitions, both through auction and private sale, while providing an exceptional, discreet and bespoke service.


Consultations on strategic development of a collection typically cover:

  • Subject and meaning of collection
  • Motivation for collection
  • Objectives of collection including
    • Quality
    • Legacy
    • Investment
  • Acquisitions & de-acquisitions
  • Frequency of trade
  • Budget
  • Goal




Aspire provides a comprehensive solution to assist you in the end-to-end management of your collection. Aspire Collections Management is a comprehensive service to help collectors track, report on, and interact with their collections. Aspire’s valuations and appraisals can be developed into a full service suite of collection management, including the production and provision of:


  • Documenting: full catalogue information listing including provenance, exhibition history & literature
  • Research: art historical research and reporting
  • Photography: high res photographs (reproduction quality)
  • Acquisition information: purchase company information, date, conditions of purchase
  • Invoices
  • Certificates of Authenticity
  • Logistics Management
  • Loans & Loan Agreements
  • Insurance
  • Storage
  • Display
  • Conservation & Restoration


The Collections Management team works closely with the Art Consulting & Advisory service in developing and nurturing the collections under Aspire management.




Aspire’s Corporate Collections services team specialises in helping international, national and regional corporations navigate the art market and maximise the inherent value in their art collections. Aspire’s combination of knowledge, experience and scholarly research with a deep understanding of the art market and corporate landscapes enables us to deliver tailored and strategic art solutions that enhances your work environment and supports your branding objectives.




Aspire has been involved in working with museums and non-profit institutions since inception.


We have partnered with institutions large and small, including historical societies, libraries, universities and art museums—both encyclopaedic and niche in scope. We handle projects of every size and subject matter, from single objects to large collections, from antiquities to historical manuscripts, from decorative arts to contemporary art.


We have been honoured to play a role in helping institutions around the world shape their collections through acquisitions and are proud to partner with them to achieve exceptional results for deaccessioned works offered at auction and through private sale. We are also committed to working with our institutional clients to create ways for them to cultivate their patrons through educational events and programming.


Select benefits of working with Aspire’s Museum Services department include:

  • A Streamlined Process
  • A single point of contact for all projects
  • Tailored Consultations
  • Our dedicated team is well-versed in and knowledgeable about institutional processes and governance
  • We are sensitive to timelines, internal and external expectations, public perceptions and other factors unique to non-profits




Aspire’s Private Sales is a continuous service for clients who wish to buy and sell art outside of our annual auction calendar. We conduct private sales year-round, offering a curated range of 20th and 21st century works from across our specialised categories of historic, modern and contemporary African art, alongside key modern and contemporary works from other markets. We provide personal and discreet buying and selling services, informed by our deep understanding of the global art market.

At Aspire we strive to remain ahead of the curve. Having been first to market with industry-leading technologies and new genres, eras and artists, our Private Sales continue this propensity with online viewing rooms that move away from the conventional physical exhibition. Artworks are presented in a safe and compelling digital environment which allows the viewer to experience these works in their own time, in the comfort of their own space and on any device.

You are welcome to request a bespoke acquisition proposal or that we source specific artworks, or simply Login to our online viewing room and browse a selection of works available for immediate purchase. Contact our Specialists for an obligation-free, confidential discussion about your collection. Our extensive experience and expertise are available to assist you in shaping your collection – from sourcing specific artworks to finding suitable buyers – we always ensure the best results for you.




Our team of experienced staff will guide you through a simple and seamless buying experience, from payment to delivery of your purchases anywhere around the world.



If your bid in an auction is successful, you’ll receive the following via e-mail shortly after the sale:

  • An invoice (the hammer price plus the buyer’s premiumas well as any applicable taxes)
  • Collection and storage information, including the location of your property and date of availability
  • Details on how to pay
  • Shipping information

We accept VISA and Master Card credit cards and all major debit cards. For most purchases you are encouraged to pay online.

Please note that for live auctions, payment is due within seven days of the auction, and for online-only auctions, payment is due immediately via online checkout. Aspire does not accept third-party payments from an individual or organisation that is not the winning bidder.



We can help you arrange packing and shipping or you can use your own carrier. Please contact your Post-Sale Services coordinator for further details.


To learn more, or to speak with your Post-Sale Services Coordinator, please contact Post-Sale Services.



We can help you arrange installation of your artworks after purchase. Please contact your Post-Sale Services coordinator for further details.


To learn more, or to speak with your Post-Sale Services Coordinator, please contact Post-Sale Services.




Since inception Aspire has offered access to exceptional property and unparalleled expertise. Our Strategic Partnerships extend this service to corporate clients around the world.


Our dedicated team works with each partner to create a customised program of elegant events, bespoke content and exclusive digital experiences that can be leveraged across all channels. The customised programme offers each partner a unique opportunity to engage their audience and elevate their brand by aligning with Aspire, Africa’s leading art business.


Additionally, we present new strategic partnership experiences: highly targeted opportunities to introduce and promote your brand to Aspire’s clients across all channels, in a tasteful and organic way.


Partnership fees are assessed on a case-by-case basis and depend on the scope and scale of the relationship.


Please contact us to learn more about Strategic Partnerships at Aspire.




Where appropriate, Aspire can oversee the arrangements for any insurance, packing and shipping. We also provide complimentary storage for property awaiting sale with Aspire.


For other property not to be sold through Aspire, or previously unsold at Aspire, we provide competitively priced storage in Johannesburg and Cape Town.




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